30 Minutes/$40.00:  This session focuses on one or two areas of soft tissue dysfunction.

1 Hour/$65.00: Enjoy a full-body, non-corrective, relaxation session for a full 60 minutes.

90 Minutes/$95.00: An extended version of the 1-Hour massage! Who doesn’t like extra pampering, anyway?!

Couples Massage/$135.00: Get a massage with a friend, family member, or significant other! We put each person in their own treatment room, but set the appointments at the same time.


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Area-specific, integrative, corrective, rehabilitative, recovery massage for the active, acutely or chronically injured individual looking to repair their body or prepare  for competition, speed up post-event recovery, increase flexibility, maintain current levels of muscle performance, or prevent the potential for soft tissue injury. This is also meant for the individuals who benefit from a “no pain no gain” massage approach.

30 Minutes/$50.00

1 Hour/$85.00


Please call for details and pricing, as each event varies in logistics and expectations.


Note: Before scheduling, please read My Policies

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